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We manufacture ball valves and specialise in industrial fittings for industries in which installations operate in extremely difficult conditions. Our products must therefore be durable, reliable and safe to use.

Chemitex is an industry leader in the production of highly specialised fittings. Thanks to our expertise, technologies, team of the highly qualified individuals, product innovation and the quality of solutions offered; we are as good as, if not better, than any other in the industry.

We have been developing our technical capabilities and competences for 40 years i.e. since we started the production of parts for machines and industrial fittings. Initially, these were only products for the textile industry. Over time, however, our specialty has become a niche of specialised fittings which withstand many years of exposure to extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosive chemicals. For decades, Chemitex has been a leading supplier of such products in Poland and the creator of the most innovative solutions.

All of our products are made by machining, which eliminates the problem of micro-cracks in cast bodies – used by most fittings manufacturers. In addition, we are able to flexibly adapt to the customer's needs as regards the length of the structure and material design. This practically allows our products to be used in all industrial installations. Unlike our competitors, most of our valves are full-bore valves. These improve system performance, reduce cavitation and significantly extend valve life.

From the beginning, the key to the highest quality of our products was direct cooperation with the customer. Our engineers actively participate in the project from the concept phase through to the design phase. They propose solutions precisely tailored to the needs and requirements of a given chemical or fuel installation and have become creators of groundbreaking solutions in the area of applied materials and coating. Time and time again, they have provided the most reliable and highest quality valves in the industry.

As a result, our ball valves and special-purpose fittings operate reliably under the most extreme conditions, which allows companies to ensure continuity and efficiency in both the production process and in service safety.
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