Installation safety thanks to reliable solutions and a short response time.

It is obviously known how costly the downtime for installations can be and how serious their failures can be. For this reason, installations designed for the most severe technological processes need not only fittings of extremely high quality, but also regular control and a quick response in the event of any issues arising.

Therefore, in addition to fittings designed for installations that support the most severe technological processes, we offer consultancy and maintenance services.

Many of our engineers have developed their expertise along with the development of the Polish chemical and refinery industry, which now places them among the most respected industry experts in the world. For that reason, you can be sure that the solutions they recommend for use in a particular type of installation will guarantee its smooth operation.

As part of the service agreement, our engineers not only respond immediately to reported problems, determine their root cause and propose solutions that increase equipment reliability, efficiency and optimize costs; they also repair the damaged part of the installation directly (i.e. on the installation itself).

On request, we are happy provide more information about the clients we have worked for and the services we provide.

Please contact us should you require more information.